IT Core

  • Established Q2 2015
  • Developed and maintains the database and management of the servers. All data-entry is through a web-based system that interfaces with the clinical database. Much of the entry will be during the face-to-face encounter with the patient and part of the data entry will be by the patients.

Clinical Core

  • Established Q1 2015
  • Established appropriate clinical metrics for longitudinal evaluation of the patients and developed the appropriate instruments for measurement of cognition, impairment, and disability such that predictive markers can be established to measure progress and disability over time.

Neuroimaging Core

  • Will be established in Q2 2016
  • Will determine what MRIs/images to include in NARCRMS for use in predicting treatment response and progression.

Biomarker Core

  • Will be established in Q4 2016
  • Will establish systematic collection and centralized storage of biomaterials for use in the development of meaningful biomarkers for diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of MS.

Genetics Core

  • Will be established in Q1 2016
  • Will feed samples to a central repository.

Experimental Therapeutics Core

  • Will be established in Q3 2016
  • TBD

Bioinformatics/Biostatistics Core

  • Will be established in Q4 2016
  • Will provide statistical support for data mining and analysis.

Neuropathology and Brain Banking CoreĀ 

  • Will be established in Q4 2016
  • Will establish core banking facilities for MS patients who wish to donate tissue for scientific endeavors to arrange ante-mortem for processing of their tissue after death and contribute to the collection of well-preserved brain and spinal cord tissue post-mortem, with minimum degradation of proteins and nucleic acids.

Health Care Economics Core

  • Will be established in Q4 2016
  • Will identify information to be collected in the database regarding disability, utilization of health care resources, and employment to help better understand whether the use of expensive therapies has been worthwhile from an economic standpoint, what are the savings from fewer hospitalizations, less disability and longer employment spans, and decreased utility of other health care resources.