The MS Clinic of Central Texas

University of Texas HSC – Houston MS Research Group

University of Miami – MS Center

University of Pennsylvania – MS Research Center

Washington University in St. Louis

The Ohio State University

Rutgers University

San Juan MS Center

University of Michigan

The NARCRMS Leadership is now recruiting approximately 11 additional MS Centers for participation in NARCRMS.  Clinical sites and medical practices currently enrolled in the CMSC, as well as affiliate centers of the National MS Society, may be invited to participate in NARCRMS. Sites from across the US and Canada will be selected for participation in NARCRMS based on their geographic location and available patient populations. All participating sites have complete and real-time access to the data from their respective site with identifiers, and from all other sites in a de-identified format.

Sites invited to participate will need to submit the NARCRMS study protocol, case report forms (CRFs), sample informed consent form and standard rules of operating procedures (SROPs) to either their local institutional review board (IRB) or to Western IRB (WIRB), which was selected by the NARCRMS Leadership as the central IRB for NARCRMS.  In addition, sites invited to participate will also need to execute a Clinical Center Agreement (CCA) with the Consortium of MS Centers (CMSC).  If your site is interested in participating in NARCRMS, please contact for more information.